• St. Al-Haneef Educational Centre started in 2005 in a humble way is today a well established and fully affiliated CBSE (10+2) school. It is situated in Chandauli District Uttar Pradesh, very near to the holy city Varanasi (2 Kms from Rajghat Varanasi).
  • The Institutions provides all round development of children in good academic environment. Audio/Video system closed circuit camera is installed in all classrooms. Indoor/Outdoor games/sports and other co-curricular activities at the school help children develop personality.
  • St. Al-Haneef Educational Centre is comprised of an interdisciplinary team of dedicated professionals – from a devoted executive team to a highly trained group of therapists and teachers. Inside each of the rooms in  Al-Haneef, inspired staff members bring experience, creativity and intention to their work with our school. Our staff is comprised of exceptional individuals working together for the benefit of our children and families.


St Al Haneef Educational Centre is has the opinion that sports are important, as they provide many social experiences and important exercise, few, if any, of your students are going to make a career out of sports.

It's easy for educators to feel that sports have little value, but when handled well, sports can greatly benefit students. In fact, statistics show that students who play sports perform better in academics than those who do not. We provide full opportunity to the students for the sports activities to each and every students.We have opnion of indoor as well as outdoor sports facilities. Our students perform in sports like cricket, football, badminton, karate, chess, hockey, etc

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St Al - haneef Educational Centre has got a large campus with all the dedicated facilities for the students. It has got two feilds for the proper outdoor activity. The architecture and design of our campus buildings were creatively planned and executed to make a lively and connected learning environment. Our innovative classrooms were designed to be flexible to support a variety of learning experiences. The architectural design of the school has been drafted with great forethought and imagination to cater to the ever-growing, challenging modern teaching and learning needs.

Our campus is student-friendly, with universal access to IT and other technological support, students become aware from the outset that learning can and should be ‘Anywhere-Anytime’.

The play area is the hot favourite of the school. It is where everyone gets to be a kid. This is where we enjoy the green grass, the playarea and the toy house; learning becomes play here. Deeply immersed in building castles in the sad-box or playing with the swings, you’ll find Pre-k buddies very busy at almost any time of the day.

The Assembly area is a welcoming place where we meet and greet each other in the mornings. We use this scenic place for Congloms, to assemble as a school and most of the time eat and play around. We enjoy the trees, the cool air and chirping birds. On special occasions and celebrations, the whole school (teachers, all students, and support staff) come together in courtyard, and we all meet and see each other!