Founder's Message

First and foremost, we seek to create a stimulating, safe and respectful environment for our students. Our school embraces the “whole child” supporting their individual differences and learning styles, while encouraging each child into engaging interaction and meaningful learning. At St. Al-Haneef Educational Centre, we believe that when students comprehend and their intentions and actions are truly understood, development unfolds and students rise to their next level of learning! We strive to help them create meaningful relationships with all children as well as with each other. A foundation for academic and social thinking is established and then built on over time. Our students are encouraged to be abstract, logical and creative thinkers. Based on each student’s unique individual profile, teaching strategies as well as specific curriculums are chosen to fit their evolving developmental profile and individual learning styles. At all times we have to not only consider the profile of each student as an individual but also as part of the group. 

St. Al-Haneef Educational Centre is comprised of an interdisciplinary team of dedicated professionals – from a devoted executive team to a highly trained group of therapists and teachers. Inside each of the rooms in  Al-Haneef, inspired staff members bring experience, creativity and intention to their work with our school. Our staff is comprised of exceptional individuals working together for the benefit of our children and families.


I am overwhelmed by the generosity of our community, by the dedication of our staff, and by the support and gratitude of our parents. Most of all, I am overwhelmed by the perseverance of our students, by their tenacity, their strength, and the genuine goodness of their hearts. One of their greatest desires is to have place in our world; they want to be accepted, respected, and valued for their contributions. Our primary mission at St. Al-Haneef Educational Centre is to imprint upon them the knowledge that they do have a place in our world; and that they too can influence and maintain relationships with family, friends, teachers and others in their community. Our success as a school is not measured in centimeters, logarithms or the periodic table. Rather, we see our success in fist pumps, inside jokes and even the hurt feelings which are part of every intense friendship. We see it when one student demands to be on his friend’s team. 

I encourage you to take some time – explore our website and read more about our history, our philosophy, our programs and our community. I hope that once you do, you will feel, as I do, that  St. Al-Haneef Educational Centre sees each student as a unique individual with great potential.


Wasim Ahmad


Al Haneef Educational Centre